As a couple you are not just living together to survive, you are being called to thrive. Your marriage is called to greatness! This is The Mission of Love. It is an opportunity to discover the inestimable greatness of your calling as a man and woman joined together in marriage and to empower yourselves with a plan to make it happen.

This book will help you, as a couple, identify who you are together, your shared vision for the relationship, and tools to make this vision a reality.

You can embrace this challenge for your marriage and strive for success in the greatest endeavor you will ever embark upon or you can try the same thing that’s been done for decades and expect little more than the same results.

Table of Contents

  • Forward
  • Preface: This Book Is For You
  • Book I: Who Are We?
    • Chapter 1: Creating the Vision of Your Relationship Together
    • Chapter 2: What Do We Stand For? Branding Your Relationship
    • Chapter 3: Growing the Body
  • Book II: Where Are We Headed?
    • Chapter 4: Eye on the Prize: Setting Objectives and Working to Achieve them
    • Chapter 5: Funding the Vision: Financial Transparency and Personal Serenity
    • Chapter 6: Job Descriptions for Couples: The Importance of Expectations
    • Chapter 7: Compensation and Beliefs
  • Book III: Why?
    • Chapter 8: A Sacramental People
    • Chapter 9: Virtue Coaching: Feedback, Redirect, and Reconciliation
    • Chapter 10: Family Time: Meetings and Retreats
    • Chapter 11: Prayer: the Final Frontier
  • Conclusion: Ite, Missa Est
  • Afterword: Sign, Sex, and Sacrament
  • Appendix: Cohabitation and Other Considerations
  • About The Authors
  • Index of Citations